Our Philosophy

The impact humans are having on the planet  is clear to see. A new Co-operation is required that addresses the way in which we behave.

We can help lead the way by creating what we believe is one of the solutions which will enable people to co-habitat alongside nature with as little impact as possible.

The Greener for Life way

The Greener for Life way is utilising wastes and residues to produce low carbon fuels, energy and biofertiliser rich in organic matter to sustain our soils.


We achieve this through our Bio digestion plants that produce renewable methane for electricity, heat and transport fuel. The feedstocks are organic wastes, residues and grass which offer the highest nett carbon savings. In doing so, we  return vital nutrients back to the soils maintaining soil organic matter and return carbon back into the soils thereby maintaining soil health for future generations of food supply.

This provides sustainable food and energy alongside nature. This allows companies to power their factories and cars on green electricity, run their trucks on biomethane, capture carbon from the atmosphere and turn the food supply chain wastes and residues back into energy and fertiliser. Furthermore, biomethane can be injected into the national gas grid, not only to provide low carbon heating but can be turned into Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene to enable aviation to adapt to low carbon fuels.

This closed loop Philosophy also allows consumers to buy into this concept and lead their lives as ‘Greener for Life’.