Farm Waste

We provide a service to take bulk organic wastes from farms. We offer to pay for:

  • Good Quality straw-based farm yard manure
  • Poultry manure
  • Waste cattle feed and shoulder waste from silage clamps

Straw Manure

If you use a straw chopper, have concrete floors in your barn, then we are interested in purchasing your farmyard manure (FYM) on a dry matter basis. We can return digestate back to your farm which provides a more readily available Nitrogen.

Straw Manure

Poultry Manure

We can pay for poultry manure. Our plant is specially design to take in high Ammonia feedstocks such as Poultry manure.

Poultry Manure

Feed wastes

Many farms have poor quality silage on the top and shoulders of their clamps. We can purchase this material. This allows your cattle to have the very best quality silage.

Feed Wastes

Field wastes

Have fields to top and clean up? Why leave to rot in the field when we can come to your farm, cut surplus waste weed, overgrown grasses, chop and take away. If plenty of grass, we will also pay on a per tonne basis. Cutting tight leaves a nice clean regrowth for your cattle. Minimum of 30 acres required with good machinery access.