Carbon Zero

The planet earth (Gaia) very cleverly created a carbon storage system by turning it into oil, gas and coal. This has been stored underground in its own natural carbon storage system. This has kept CO2 in the atmosphere well below 400ppm. Alongside the sea, trees and vegetation growth, CO2 has been consumed and O2 released to keep everything in balance (The lungs of the planet). For millennia, species and vegetation has co-existed in harmony with Gaia to provide optimum conditions for survival.

Darwinism is correct in that species have had to adapt to survive but the most productive cycles are those that adapt and co-operate with other species to create optimal living conditions. Mankind is only just discovering the true depth of harmony co-operation that exists in nature.

In the last 1,000 years, mankind has done the opposite, destroying forests, the very thing that provides us fresh air, created large scale mono culture farming systems and unaware of the consequences, taken the stored carbon underground to produce artificial fertiliser and fuels releasing billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
We have to urgently use renewable zero carbon fuels, plant more trees and provide genuine mixed farming systems to not only feed humanity but support a wide range of biodiversity, the Co-operation that used to exist.

None of us are perfect but at Greener for Life we are trying our hardest to reduce our impact and lead the way in producing Zero carbon fuels, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity support and well-being for all. We feel good about this, a new purpose for being and great sense of gratitude. This is the new wealth.